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मूल्यांकन प्रस्ताव

1. Rates quoted without any conditions attached ( viz. Discounts having linkages to quantity , payment ,etc) will only be considered for evaluation purpose. Thus discounted rates, linked to quantities and prompt payment etc,will be ignored for determining interse position. ICF however reserves the right to use the discounted rate/rates considered workable and appropriate for counter offer to the successful tenderers.

2. The tenderers should note that the tender quantity is only approximate and subject to variation at the time of actual finalisation of the tender. Moreover, as per the terms and c onditions of the tender, the purchaser also reserves the right to accept the offer for the full quantity or part thereof tendered.

3. All-in-cost comprises of the Basic Rate, Excise Duty,Sales Tax,Packing charges, Forwarding Charges, Insurance (if any) and freight charges up to destination.

4. All offers will be arranged in the ascending order of the all in cost.

5. After arranging the offers as above, technically unsuitable offers will be passed over. Offers not confirming to tender schedule, offers from defaulters etc, may also be passed over.

6. The Tender quantity may be split among two or more tenderers for reasons like vital/critical nature of the items, quantity to be procured, meeting production targets, past performance and capacity of the bidders, delivery required etc., The dministration’s decision in regard to quantities to be ordered on the successful tenderer(s) would be final.

7. Though the rates without any conditions attached will only be considered for evaluation purposes, this does not preclude ICF from making counter offer for rates of any of the discounted offers.

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